Millstone Whistleblower Asks For Protection

A contractor who said he was fired from Millstone Power Station after he reported a co-worker abusing narcotics in 2011 has asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to protect whistleblowers at the nuclear plant.


Millstone (Courtesy Dominion Resources)

Millstone Cited For Minor Safety Violations

Federal inspectors have cited Connecticut’s nuclear plant for three minor safety violations, including a worker who breathed in radioactive material.



Potassium Iodide Going to Millstone Neighbors

WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Connecticut is about to receive about 1.3 million potassium iodide pills to be distributed to towns in a 10-mile emergency planning zone around Millstone Power Station in Waterford. The pills protect […]


Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (Photo credit:: Michael Springer/Getty Images)

Announcement Of Nuclear Plant’s Closing Doesn’t End Arguments

The announcement that the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is closing is bringing cheers from nuclear critics and anguish from the plant’s defenders, while already a new fight is brewing over how long its owners should be given to dismantle the reactor.


Russian Navy Launches New Nuclear Submarine

The Russian navy on Thursday hoisted its flag on a new nuclear powered submarine intended to form a key part of the country’s future nuclear deterrent.


USS Memphis (File: Sean D. Elliott/The Day/AP Photo)

AP Investigates Cheating By Nuclear Submarine Crews

Former submariners tell The Associated Press it is not uncommon for sailors to receive answer keys or other hints before Navy training exams.


Millstone Nuclear Power Station.  (Image courtesy of Dominion.)

Court Dismisses Millstone Lawsuit

The state Supreme Court today dismissed a lawsuit that challenged the way the Millstone Nuclear power plant has been operated.


Power Lines

Lawmakers Question Proposed Electricity Tax

A group of Connecticut lawmakers is opposing a proposed tax on electric generators.


(Photo courtesy Dominion website)

NRC Team To Visit Millstone

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is sending a team to the Millstone Power Station to investigate an accidental power spike in a reactor earlier this month.


Millstone Reactor Down

WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Officials are investigating why a cooling water pump in the Unit 2 reactor at the Millstone nuclear power complex in Connecticut stopped unexpectedly during routine maintenance work, causing the reactor to […]