Group Hopes Camcorders, Velcro Will Prove Mountain Lions Live HereArmed with camcorders and Velcro, a group of residents hopes to prove that mountain lions call Connecticut home.
Mountain Lion Killed In Connecticut An Example Of How Species Is ReboundingResearchers theorize cougars -- including a male killed in Connecticut last year -- are following a ``stepping stone'' dispersal pattern-- moving out of a dense population, stopping at the closest patch of available habitat and examining it for mates and prey before moving on.
Cougar Killed In Connecticut Spent Time In New YorkEnvironmental officials say a cougar killed by a car in Connecticut tramped through upstate New York last year, a rare sighting in a state where the big cats are believed to have been gone for more than a century.
State Confirms Wild Mountain Lion -- First In A CenturyThe state Department of Energy and Enviornmental Protection announces that a mountain lion killed in Milford in June came from South Dakota.
Necropsy To Be Performed Mountain Lion Killed In Milford Wildlife experts are hoping that a necropsy on a mountain lion will help unravel the mystery of how the big cat ended up roaming the suburbs of Connecticut.
Mountain Lion Investigation Continues Amid Additional Reported SightingsOfficials with the state Department of Environmental Protection are sticking to their original theory that the mountain lion killed on a highway over the weekend is the same big cat spotted earlier in the week in Greenwich.
Mountain Lion Killed In Rt. 15 CrashState Police are investigating after troopers say an SUV struck and killed a mountain lion on Route 15 in Milford.

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