Researchers Deem Modafinil World's First Safe 'Smart Drug'A drug that's typically prescribed for narcolepsy has been deemed safe to improve focus in the short-term, according to a comprehensive review by researchers.
Lab Retracts Finding; Taurasi ReinstatedTurkey's basketball federation lifted American star Diana Taurasi's provisional doping suspension Wednesday after a lab retracted its finding that she tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance.
Taurasi Adamant She Never Used Drug Former Connecticut women's basketball star Diana Taurasi says she hadn't even heard of the banned stimulant modafinil until she found out she had tested positive for it. Taurasi is adamant that she never used performance-enhancing drugs.
Auriemma Stands by Taurasi
Turkish TV Report Says Taurasi Backup Sample Also Positive

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