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Mom In Education-Theft Case Sentenced

The homeless Connecticut mother who drew national attention for enrolling her son in a school outside the district in which they lived has been sentenced to five years in prison on drug and larceny charges.


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Homeless Mom Says She’ll Plead Guilty In Education Theft Case; Could Get Five Years

The lawyer for a Connecticut woman charged with enrolling her son in the wrong school district says she will be pleading guilty.


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Babysitter Who Helped Homeless Mom Is Evicted

A Norwalk woman who allegedly let a homeless friend use her address to enroll her son in school says she is now homeless, too.


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Attorney Acknowledges Woman Was Not Strip-Searched

The attorney for a homeless Connecticut woman charged with illegally enrolling her child in the wrong school district says she was not strip-searched during her arrest, contrary to earlier claims.


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Police: Mom In Education Case Was Not Strip-Searched

Norwalk police are denying a claim that officers strip-searched a 33-year-old homeless woman accused of illegally enrolling her son in the city’s schools.