Doctor Sentenced In Killing Of Yale PhysicianA doctor convicted of killing a Yale University physician over a workplace dispute has been sentenced to 32 years in prison.
Judge: Suspect In Yale Doctor's Death Competent For TrialA judge has ruled that a doctor treated for mental illness is now competent to stand trial for the death of a Yale University physician.
Judge: Mentally Ill Murder Suspect Can Be Forcibly MedicatedA Connecticut judge has ordered a mentally ill man charged with killing a Yale University doctor to be forcibly medicated so he can stand trial.
Accused Killer Wants U.S Supreme Court To Hear His AppealLishan Wang seeking to stop forced medication
Supreme Court OK's Forcible Medication Of Yale Doctor's Accused KillerThe Connecticut Supreme Court today found that the state can forcibly medicate a man accused of killing a Yale doctor.
Defense: Forcing Doctor To Take Medicine Violates His RightsA public defender asked the Connecticut Supreme Court to overturn a judge's order allowing the forced medication of a mentally ill doctor so he can be competent to stand trial on murder charges.
Judge Calls For Forced Medication Of Murder SuspectCharged in murder of Yale doctor
State Seeks To Medicate Man Charged In Death Of Yale DoctorDoctors at Connecticut's maximum security psychiatric hospital say a drug regimen could help make a doctor charged with killing a Yale University physician competent to stand trial.
Former Doctor Charged In Murder Says He's Competent
Judge Rules On Competency Of Former Doctor Charged With Murder
Man Charged In Yale Doctor Killing Faces Competency Review
State High Court Rules In Favor Of Doctor Murder Suspect

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