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Best Sports Bars for Sunday Football

By Leon A. Sylvester Football Season is in full swing and Connecticut presents their NFL fans a plentiful selection of worthy watering holes offering food, drink and non-stop pigskin on the TV.  Since we have […]


A boy holds pumpkins during a Halloween

Guide To Best Haunted Houses in CT

By Leon A. Sylvester Halloween is almost here and how better to get into the spirit than to willingly scare yourself half to death?  Autumn time in New England is deep and rich with history […]


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Guide To CT Bird Watching

By Leon A. Sylvester Connecticut’s landscape offers a diverse array of features and terrain providing ideal habitats for a wide variety of birds. While some species are migratory and only spend a limited amount of […]


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Best Candy Shops in Connecticut

By Leon A. Sylvester Who doesn’t love candy?  Whether it’s chocolate, taffy, gummies or lollypops, we all have a favorite treat, which we need to satisfy our sweet tooth from time to time.  There are […]


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Best Biking in Connecticut

By Leon A. Sylvester The rugged trails and scenic landscapes of the New England countryside give cyclists in Connecticut a wide variety of terrain to choose from.  While some riders enjoy flat smooth distance rides […]


Glen Somogie of Shelton displays a Keeper Striped bass Caught off of Bridgeport.

Best Summer Seafood Dinners to Catch Yourself

By Leon A. Sylvester One of my favorite things about living close to the shore is the abundance of fresh seafood.  The smell of fresh fish on the grill or steaming lobsters, crabs or clams […]