Confession In Deadly Crash, But Arrest Seems ImpossibleEnfield Police say they have a confession in a fatal 2002 hit-and-run case, but they say they can not make an arrest because the statute of limitations has expired.
Hartford Fire Department Mourns Former Chief
Everything Ray: The Things You Learn In LifeThe things you learn in life. Having visited the Bay Area quite a few times, I was completely unaware that a 20 minute ferry ride from the Embarcadero to Sausalito could take one straight into “Tea Party Land”.
Opinion: Democratic Millionaires Spew Hate On The RichThe most ridiculously annoying aspect of the Democratic political run for offices in 2012 is the incredibly long line of leftist millionaires who continually spew extreme hate and venom on the wealthy. Beyond having to “share the wealth”, now Democrats are saying it’s “never get the wealth”.

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