Insurance Exchange

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Anthem Extends Deadline, Provides Temporary On-Line ID For Insurance Enrollees

If you signed up for insurance on the Connecticut Insurance Exchange under the Affordable Care Act and still do not have your enrollment information, the state Insurance Departnent has some reassuring information for you.


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State’s Insurance Exchange Head Updates Status

Connecticut’s health insurance marketplace is trying to find a way to work around using a federal hub to help verify applicants for Medicaid and private insurance subsidies.


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Access Health CT Enrollment Now 753

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange says it has enrolled a total of 753 people in plans over three days.


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Small Businesses Biding Time On Insurance Exchanges

Connecticut small businesses are waiting for more information before deciding whether to sign up their employees for the small group health insurance plans that will be offered under the state’s new insurance exchange.


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Insurance Exchange Rates Start at $215/Month

The Connecticut Insurance Department has approved rates for insurance plans that will be offered under the state’s new health insurance exchange, beginning this fall.


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Nonprofit Insurer Lowers Rate Proposal For Insurance Exchange

A new, nonprofit insurer participating in Connecticut’s health insurance exchange has decided to drop its rates.