Physicians' Group Named Dodd Prize WinnerA physicians' group that has worked to document war crimes around the world and prevent atrocities has been named the winner of a human rights award from the University of Connecticut.
Bill Clinton Receives UConn Human Rights AwardFormer President Bill Clinton says human rights are more important now than ever in an increasingly linked world where positive and negative forces are "bumping up against one another."
Opinion: Romney's China Attacks On Obama Show Breathtaking HypocrisyRomney looks to come back from 47% don't pay taxes remarks and attacks on China trade. But Romney has so many vulnerabilities on China it is hard to understand why he would pick this issue.
Opinion: Romney Talks Tough On China But Romney And Bain Bought Chinese FactoryMitt Romney and Bain Capital purchased a factory in China that took on the demand from outsourcing from other US companies. So they profited by increasing profits from companies they owned by shipping jobs overseas and they profited from other companies shipping jobs overseas by doing the work that used to be done in cities and towns across America.
East Haven Mayor RebukedHuman Rights Commission condemns Maturo for "taco"remark.

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