Hartford Council President Asked To Resign By Other MembersThe president of the Hartford City Council has been asked to resign by the other eight members of the city's governing body.
Former Aide Accuses Hartford Council President Of HarassmentThe president of the Hartford City Council has been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination by a former aide.
Hartford Council Authorizes Mayor To Seek State OversightHartford's city council has approved a proposal to apply for state oversight in exchange for tens of millions of dollars needed to help the city balance its budget.
Family Of Fallen Firefighter Settles Suit Against CityThe family of a Hartford firefighter who died when he ran out of air while battling a house fire in 2014 has settled its wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $350,000.
Bronin Won't Take RaiseSaying he plans to lead by example, Hartford Mayor-elect Luke Bronin says he will forgo a $20,000 raise built into the city budget.
Merrill Calls Voter Turnout "Respectable"
Hartford City Council To Vote Tuesday On Cats PlanThe Hartford City Council Operations, Management, Budget and Legislative Committee sent a favorable recommendation back to city council Thursday night as a $350 million redevelopment for Downtown North from DoNo LLC. took another step forward.
Public Argues Hartford Stadium PlansA $60-million plan to build a minor league baseball stadium in Hartford was on the city council's agenda for the first time earlier tonight.
Segarra Delivers FY 2015 Budget
Hartford Mayor Issues Overtime, Hiring Freeze Veto
Hartford Councilman Wants Freeze On Hiring, OT Pay

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