Brown Trout (courtesy Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)

Free Fishing In The State

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Anglers will have a second opportunity to fish for free in Connecticut waters. Saturday marks the second of two free-fishing license days across the state. Residents and non-residents will be able […]


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Celebrate Fathers Day With Free Fishing

The state of Connecticut is offering a free day of fishing today, Father’s Day.


Fishermen Expect Bumper Year On The River Dee Despite Credit Crunch

State Offers Free Fishing On Father’s Day

The state of Connecticut is offering a free day of fishing on Father’s Day.
The first of two “Free Fishing License” days is planned for Sunday. A second is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 12.


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An Outdoorsman’s Guide To Visiting Lake Powell

You will be amazed as to everything you can experience during a vacation to Lake Powell. You will be able to fish, hike, camp and explore the waterways aboard a houseboat, making your Lake Powell vacation one of the best outdoor getaways you have ever experienced.


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Feds Move To Stop Fishing Crimes By Tracking Seafood Imports

In an effort to eradicate illegal fishing and seafood fraud, the Obama Administration is launching a fish tracking system that would eventually tell consumers where their fish was caught, processed and stored.



Guide To Yellowstone National Park

Refer to this visitor’s guide to Yellowstone National Park – the world’s first national park featuring more geysers than any other location in the world.


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Escape To The Poconos

Every couple should make plans at least once in their relationship to experience the romance of the Poconos. This area offers couples plenty of things to do, both in their room and out of it.


Norwegian Fisherman Finds Sex Toy Inside Fish

Bjorn Frilund cut open a cod and discovered it had swallowed a sex toy.


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Weekly Fishing Report

The DEEP has issued its weekly fishing report for the week of Oct. 24


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Weekly Fishing Report

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has issued its weekly fishing report for the week of Oct. 3