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Joshua Komisarjevsky in 2007 left, and 2011 right.  (Courtesy Department of Correction)

Judge Rules On Komisarjevsky Trial Gag Order

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ A Connecticut judge has declined to extend a gag order on witnesses who may testify in the upcoming trial of one of two men charged with killing a mother and […]


Joshua Komisarjevsky in 2007 left, and 2011 right.  (Courtesy Department of Correction)

Judge Rejects Plea Deal In Komisarjevsky Trial

A judge has rejected an offer by Joshua Komisarjevsky to plead guilty in the Cheshire home invasion murders in exchange for the death penalty’s being taken off the table.


Bill Would Ban Required Workplace Meetings On Religion, Politics

Connecticut lawmakers are again considering legislation that would ban an employer from forcing workers to attend or participate in workplace meetings about the employer’s religious or political views.


Competency Hearing Continued in Yale Doctor's Killing

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ A New Haven Superior Court judge has continued a hearing on whether a doctor is competent to stand trial on allegations he killed a Yale University physician he once worked […]


Delay Granted for Komisarjevsky Lawyer

A lawyer facing possible contempt of court charges for his comments outside court during the trial of Steven Hayes has been granted a delay in the hearing on the matter.


Condition of Judge in Hayes Trial Upgraded to "Good"

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) _ The Connecticut judge presiding at the trial of a man charged in a deadly home invasion remains hospitalized, but a hospital spokesman says his condition has been upgraded to good […]