Farm Helps International Students In Agricultural ProgramThe program, in its 30th year, aims to give young adults an opportunity to experience the world through agricultural exchange, while providing an opportunity for rural families in the U.S. to learn about other cultures.
Farm Mark Twain Bought For His Daughter On Market For $1.8MA farm once owned by Mark Twain is up for sale in Connecticut for $1.8 million.
Top Farmers' Markets In ConnecticutWith over 100 Farmer's Markets in Connecticut, fresh veggies and fruit are only a few miles away no matter where in the nutmeg state you live. Time to get pickin!
More E Coli Cases Linked To FarmMore than a dozen cases have been linked to Oak Leaf Dairy Farm
Researchers Find Pesticides May Increase Chances Of Having Autistic ChildA recent autism study found that pregnant women who lived near farms where pesticides were used had a two-thirds higher risk of having children with autism.
State Announces $4.9-million In Farm Recovery FundsConnecticut farms across the state that experienced weather damage over the summer are sharing $4.9 million in emergency state assistance.
Blizzard Blamed For $1.8-million In Ag Building Damage In ConnecticutFederal officials estimate about $1.8-million worth of farm buildings were lost in Connecticut because of the blizzard.
Sleigh Rides Near Connecticut
Lack Of Slaughterhouse In Region Concerns Region's FarmersWith few slaughterhouses in New England equipped to process beef on a large scale, Paul Miller ships cattle from his dairy farm in eastern Connecticut about 300 miles to a meatpacker in Pennsylvania.
Bill Would Ease Permit Requirements for Farmers' MarketsThe Connecticut House has passed a bill allowing farmers to pay only one local health permit fee to sell their goods at farmers markets throughout the state.
New England Farmers Reminded To Remember Winter Business An organizer of a Connecticut winter market is advising New England farmers to not ignore the business potential of the coldest season of the year.

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