Enders State Forest

(Courtesy Department of Energy and Environmental Protection)

Missing Hikers Found Safe

Three women who   were lost while hiking in Enders  State Forest in Granby Thursday were found   about 7:15 pm  in the forest near Broad Hill Road. The women went into the woods about 10:30 am […]


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Another Fall in Enders State Forest

A 19 year old Chicopee , Massachusetts man  slipped and fell some 20  feet into the water while walking along  the falls at Enders State Forest in Granby Tuesday evening.A friend he was with called […]


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Teen Identified in Fatal Waterfall Accident

A 15-year old Marlborough girl who fell onto the rocks at a Granby waterfall has died.


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Teen Injured While Swimming In Granby Waterfalls

Police say emergency crews rescued a 17-year-old girl who was injured while swimming in the waterfalls at Enders State Forest.