Merrill:More Than 30,000 Used Same Day RegistrationSecretary of the State Denise Merrill says nearly 30,000 people were able to both register to vote and cast ballots on Election Day.
Pedestrian Hit Outside Polling PlaceGlastonbury police say a pedestrian was struck outside a polling place in town this morning.
Connecticut Sets New Voter Registration RecordConnecticut has set a record for the number of people registered to vote.
Polls To Be Closely Monitored On Election Day
Election Day Snafus May Lead To Legislative Action
Hartford Mayor, Council Want Voting Snafu Answers
Figures Released On Election Day Registration In Connecticut
Voters Casting Ballots In Municipal Elections Today
Voter Registration Deadline Tuesday
Election Day 2012: Constant CoverageElection Day 2012 coverage updated continuously throughout the day and night.
Opinion: Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Lost The ElectionToday, Republicans feel a combination of confusion, disbelief, and anger as to how a slim majority of Americans can possibly want four more years of the Obama administration in the White House. To many, it seems inconceivable that people want to take a chance on more of the same.
Opinion: On Election Day Romney Keeping His Mind On The Business-At-HandObama plays basketball and Romney campaigns on Election Day

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