Biased Media Criticizes Romney’s Top FundraisersAs the media positively and glowingly report high-profile presidential fundraising events for President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee, they report on GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s and the Republican’s big-dollar fundraising gatherings in and around Tampa, Florida during the Republican National Convention with total suspicion and even worse.
House Votes To Require Donor Disclosure For Non-Candidate AdsConnecticut has taken the first step requiring corporations and other groups that independently spend money or run ads for political candidates to identify top donors.
Report: Donors Gave $746M To Connecticut UniversitiesA new survey of donations to colleges and universities shows 14 Connecticut schools received a combined total of more than $746 million last year.
Plea For Parade DonorsOrganizers say they have only raised about half of the $50,000 needed to put on a parade and rally to celebrate the UConn National Championship.

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