Drivers license,  not verified (Courtesy DMV)

State Soon To Require Adult Learner’s Permit

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ New adult drivers in Connecticut soon will need a learner’s permit before taking the road test for a driver’s license. The three-month permit will be mandatory for drivers 18 and older […]


Drivers license,  not verified (Courtesy DMV)

DMV Institutes New Adult Learner’s Permit

The Department of Motor Vehicles say Connecticut is seeing more first-time drivers age 18 and older — about 30-thousand people a year — and starting next month, those older new drivers are going to face some new requirements.



DMV Computer Changes Will Allow Longer Vanity Plates

Until now, in Connecticut, vanity license plates have been limited to six characters. So if you wanted “HuskyFan” or “ILoveYou” (each with eight characters) you were out of luck. Now that’s going to change.


Drivers license verified Courtesy DMV

ID-Verification Licenses Will Phase In

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles says residents will have decide whether to take an extra step and have their identify verified the next time they renew their driver’s license.



Connecticut Running Out Of License Plate Combinations

Motor vehicle officials are planning to change the number and letter format on Connecticut license plates because the state is running out of combinations.


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DMV Says It’s Working To Reduce Wait At New “Hubs”

Drivers — or would-be drivers — have been seeing longer than expected waits at Department of Motor Vehicles since the agency kicked off a new system of regional hubs.



DMV Delays Planned Branch Closings

Connecticut’s motor vehicles commissioner says the agency is delaying layoffs and keeping all branches open until state employees vote on a labor concessions package.


DMV Warns Teen Drivers of New Restrictions

State officials say police have seized driver’s licenses from more than 1,200 teenagers over the last three years for violating laws on passenger limits, curfews and other restrictions.


DMV to Alert Local Governments of Alleged Registration Violations

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles will begin alerting towns and cities of vehicle owners who are suspected of improperly registering vehicles out of state to avoid property taxes. The agency […]


DMV To Phase-Out Lifetime Handicapped Parking Permits

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles says it is phasing-out all permanent disability parking permits with a “lifetime” designation. The DMV stopped issuing new lifetime permits in January and will phase-out permits that have already […]