Governor Optimistic Deficit-Cutting Deal Will Be ReachedSpecial session possible in early December
Budget Deficit Talks ResumeProgress reported toward bipartisan agreement
House Democrats Oppose Retirement IncentiveSpeaker calls it a long-term disaster
Senate Democrats Offer New Budget Plan, No Election Fund CutThe Connecticut Senate's majority Democrats are backing off some earlier ideas for balancing the state budget, including suspending the public campaign funding program for next year's legislative elections.
Democrats Release Deficit-Cutting ProposalsBudget gap projected between $350 million and $370 million
State House GOP Leaders On Deficit ProposalRepublican legislators are suggesting that certain state employees be offered a financial incentive to retire as a way to help rebalance Connecticut's budget.
Malloy Calls For Bipartisan Talks On Budget
Income Tax Numbers Released As Officials Grapple With DeficitThe state Department of Revenue Services today released the results from the state's income taxes due last month.
Numerous Winter Storms Put DOT Budget In The Red
Slight Improvement In Deficit Projection
Governor Orders Mid-Year Budget Cuts
State Comptroller Releases New Deficit Projections
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