"It’s like country compared to how I lived in Vegas."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Trish At Hamden Plaza

“Connecticut is a slower pace way of life, so I’ve slowed down my driving.” – Trish and her Nissan Altima


"I get to pick the music!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Keith At The Professional Barbershop

“If there was a werewolf, how would you kill it? Silver Bullet!” – Keith and his Subaru Impreza


"My wife and I drive to New York City."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeff At The Mark Twain House

“I think after commuting 100 miles a day, it’s tired!” – Jeff and his Honda Civic


"I love blue."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Peggy At The Butler-McCook House

“Most times I have a CD on and I’m listening to bird calls.” – Peggy and her Toyota Yaris


"This car has lasted me longer than any other car I've owned."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ty At Lighthouse Point Park

“See my car? I know how to handle it.” – Ty and her Volkswagen Jetta


"There was a banana smeared on top of the Indiana sticker!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Alli At Hamden Hall

“I love my car. I’m obsessed with it.” – Alli and her BMW 325xi


"We had to cut out some parts and panels."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Steve At The Outer Space

“It’s not a 1965 color, much closer to a 1956 Dodge color.” – Steve and his Dodge Dart


"No smoking. Absolutely not!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Karen At The University Of Hartford

“You get a lot of reactions as a woman driving the standard!” – Karen and her Scion TC


"It's warm and safe!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Emily At Tulmeadow Farm Store

“I feel like I’m losing a pet. No one gets that.” – Emily and her Ford Taurus Station Wagon


"Crazy? Ha. I don't think I've done anything strange."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Crossroads Plaza

“I’m going to keep going with it until it can’t go any further!” – Ashley and her Chevy Cavalier