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Connecticut Supreme Court

Legislative Panel To Hold Hearings On Judge Reappointments
Court Upholds Conviction Of Man Who Cited Jury TamperingThe Connecticut Supreme Court has upheld a robbery conviction against a man who called for a mistrial because his mother told a juror outside court that a police officer had lied on the stand.
Connecticut Supreme Court To Revisit Death PenaltyConnecticut's Supreme Court is revisiting the issue of whether a 2012 state law repealing capital punishment should apply to inmates were already on death row at the time.
Appeals Await State High Court In 2016The Connecticut Supreme Court is expected to hear several high-profile appeals in 2016, including the state's attempt to put Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel back in prison.
High Court Says Workers Not Injured In Blast Can't SueThe Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled that more than 40 workers who weren't injured but lost their jobs in a deadly power plant explosion can't sue several contractors for hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages.
State High Won't Reconsider Death Penalty Ban
Court Expands Kids' Right To Sue When Parent Is Injured
Workers Not Injured In Power Plant Blast Seek Lost Wages
Two Major Rulings Yield Supreme Court Critisism
State Supreme Court Overturns Death PenaltyConnecticut's highest court on Thursday ordered the state's death row emptied out, ruling that the 2012 law abolishing capital punishment for any future crimes must be applied to the 11 men facing execution for offenses they committed before the measure took effect.
State High Court To Rule On Death Penalty
Connecticut Supreme Court Upholds Firing Of DCF Worker

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