Meeting Set To Protest CL&P Rate RequestA coalition of labor, religious and environmental groups is lobbying state regulators to reject Connecticut Light & Power's request for a higher rate intended to upgrade equipment following storms and to prevent future outages.
Leaders To Turn Thumbs Down On Proposed Rate Increase
Blumenthal: Rate Hike Request "Unfair"
Natural Gas Prices Blamed For Higher Electricity Rates
Storms Cut PowerSevere thunderstorms in portions of western Connecticut have taken down trees and power lines.Thousands of Connecticut Light and Power customers lost electricity Tuesday night.
CL&P Seeks Rate IncreaseConnecticut Light and Power says it will seek a 5.9 percent rate increase from state regulators as it works to replace aging infrastructure and improve reliability.
Biomass Plant Running In Plainfield
NB Police: Watch Out For CL&P Phone Scam
Officials to Kick Off 2-Day Emergency Drill
State Mops Up After Andrea
CL&P Says It's Ready For Peak Demand Season
CL&P Seeing Fewer Outages During Storms

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