chocolate milk

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He Had Me At Chocolate Milk

Put the Profiles In Courage Awards on hold. We have a late entry. Governor Dannel (just call me “Dan” until the election) vetoed an education bill that would have banished chocolate milk from school menus.


File photo of a man in handcuffs. (Credit: Brand X Pictures/Thinkstock)

Home Invasion Suspect Surrenders For Mountain Dew, Chocolate Milk

A suspect in a Buxton home invasion has turned himself in after hiding in the woods for several days and getting assurances he would be fed.


Nesquick.  Image from state Department of Consumer Protection press release.

Hunger-Free Kids?

The new rules are part of the “Hunger-Free Kids Act” which has spurred protests from students across the country, who contrary to the act’s name claim to be anything but “hunger-free”.