Homeowner's Group Tells Veteran He Can't Fly U.S., Marine FlagsThe veteran and his wife are claiming that the local HOA in Rosenberg told the couple their U.S. and Marine Corps flags have to come down due to HOA rules.
Federal Court Employees Contribute To Replace Missing American Flag
Flag Stolen Nearly 40 Years Ago Mailed Back To New HampshireA bicentennial American flag that was stolen nearly 40 years ago from a park has been returned by a remorseful thief.
Complaint Prods Shift In How US, Conn. Flags Flown A state agency has corrected how it hoisted the American flag after an East Lyme resident complained.
9/11 Flag Repaired Across All 50 StatesA flag that was all but destroyed at Ground Zero during the 9/11 attack was on display at the Illinois veteran's hospital shorten after news of the terror leader's death was announced.

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