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A snowy owl spotted at Stratford Point in December, 2011.  Photo used with permission of the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Group Sues Agencies Over Shooting Of Snowy Owls

A Connecticut animal advocacy group has sued several federal agencies over a recently halted practice of shooting snowy owls near airport runways in New York.


(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Fishermen Seek To Elevate Status Of Formerly Spurned Dogfish

Fishermen desperate for revenues are learning to love the ornery dogfish, and they’re hoping the government can help them persuade seafood eaters to do the same.


(Photo Courtesy Wethersfield Police(

Cruelty Complaint At Wethersfield Farm

Wethersfield Police say one horse was put down and a second sent to an equine rehabilitation facilioty in western Connecticut after a complaint that animals on a farm in their community were being mistreated.