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The Connection is a weekly radio program with Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, focused on stories of caring, stories of courage and stories of change right here in Connecticut. It provides information on real programs and features real people sharing their experiences and expertise with the public.



The Connection: Police Perspective On Opioid Epidemic

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley discuss experiences dealing with the opioid epidemic as a member of the police.


The Connection: Treatment For Those Struggling With Substance Abuse

Attorney Ryan McGuigan shares his own journey to recovery and his experiences with family members who were addicts and fulfills his own personal mission to provide access to treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.


The Connection: Women and Heavy Drinking

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Elizabeth Heubeck discuss the factors that have led to the problem or heavy drinking among women, such as gender specific marketing and normalization.


The Connection: Living After Psychological Diagnoses

Ann Baldwin is joined by Clair Bien to discuss Clair’s journey with various psychological diagnosis and how she managed to live her life with these conditions.


The Connection: The Adult Justice System

Ann Baldwin, Beth Connor, and William Carbone discuss the adult justice system and the critical need for effective behavioral health services, especially in adolescents.


The Connection: Rehabilitative Housing Programs

Ann Baldwin, Lisa Dematteis-Lepore, and Theresa Ferraro discuss the rehabilitative housing programs available to those with severe mental or emotional struggles.


The Connection: How Drug Addiction Permeates Lives

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Charles Barber discuss how drug addiction permeates the lives of those seeking help through services at The Connection Inc.


The Connection: Over-Prescription & Substance Abuse

Ann Baldwin and Charles Barber discuss the over prescribing of drugs and the evolution of the current substance abuse epidemic.


The Connection: Treating The Incarcerated

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Dr. Kathleen Maurer, the Medical Director at the Department of Correction, discuss recidivism within the corrections system and more.


The Connection: Addiction As A Medical Condition

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Dr. Kathleen Maurer discuss the importance of treating addiction as a medical condition, especially when it comes to individuals who are incarcerated.


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