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The Connection is a weekly radio program with Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, focused on stories of caring, stories of courage and stories of change right here in Connecticut. It provides information on real programs and features real people sharing their experiences and expertise with the public.



The Connection: The Future of Addiction Treatment

On this program, host Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore speak with Charles Barber, Director of The Connection Research Institute. They discuss the exciting advancements happening at The Connection Research Institute and how it will impact the future of addiction treatment.

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–03/04/2018

The Connection: Transforming Lives at the Eddy Shelter

On this program, host Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore speak with Ed Bonilla, Vice President of Community Impact at the Middlesex United Way and Charles Barber, Director of The Institute for Innovative Practice at The Connection. They discuss the grant recently received by the Eddy Shelter and how that will help transform lives.

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–02/25/2018

The Connection: Inside The Hallie House

On this program, host Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore speak with Jennifer, a former resident at The Connection’s Hallie House, a treatment facility for pregnant and parenting women struggling with substance abuse. They discuss Jennifer’s personal experience with addiction and how the Hallie House helped her turn her life around.

WTIC NewsTalk 1080–02/18/2018

The Connection: Identifying Sexuality

Ann Baldwin and Lisa Dematteis-Lapore are joined by Artemis, a 22-year-old transgender woman to discuss her struggle with mental illness and identifying her sexuality.


The Connection: An Addiction Success Story

Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore speak with Blaine McKay, who exemplifies a true success story of someone who benefited from the amazing services available at The Connection.


The Connection: A Journey Through Recovery

Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore continue their conversation with Rob Rudewicz about his journey through recovery and his interests in recovery coaching.


The Connection: New Approaches To Recovery Coaching

Ann Baldwin and Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore speak with Rob Rudewicz about how he transitioned from his career as a Hartford police officer to getting involved with the recovery community.


The Connection: Police Perspective On Opioid Epidemic

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Hartford Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley discuss experiences dealing with the opioid epidemic as a member of the police.


The Connection: Treatment For Those Struggling With Substance Abuse

Attorney Ryan McGuigan shares his own journey to recovery and his experiences with family members who were addicts and fulfills his own personal mission to provide access to treatment for those struggling with substance abuse.


The Connection: Women and Heavy Drinking

Ann Baldwin, Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, and Elizabeth Heubeck discuss the factors that have led to the problem or heavy drinking among women, such as gender specific marketing and normalization.


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