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Is Owning A Home A “Fetish”?

A Washington Post columnist makes a case today against the American Dream of home ownership. Catherine Rampell, in so many words asserts that owning a home is “a fetish”. Kinky!

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Mayor Pedro Segarra (Michael Guerrera/WTIC Photo)

This Morning With Ray Dunaway April 23rd 2014

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Sports Commentary 4/23/14: The Islanders or Whalers Aren’t Coming

Don’t you people know you’re being used. Everyone knows how to push your buttons, what rumors to float to mobilize you for their own purposes. The latest case was a simple radio station promotion and you fell for it.

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Joe Furey

Joe Furey’s Morning Forecast

Find out everything you need about today’s forecast… Listen to WTIC Weather with Joe Furey.

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Earth Day Events

I Won’t Be Celebrating Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, but I won’t be celebrating, preferring to observe V.I. Lenin’s birthday instead. Critics claim the two observances are inter-related, but I’ll leave it to others to plot the similarities. I just prefer to be contrary.


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This Morning With Ray Dunaway April 22nd 2014

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Vin Yokabaskas,  Courtesy UConn

Sports Commentary 4/22/14 – Vin Yokabaskas… From Bloomfield to Storrs

It was a much different era in college basketball when Bloomfield’s Vin Yokabaskas arrived at the University of Connecticut.


Joshua Komisarjevsky's defense attorneys sought the removal of newspaper boxes located outside New Haven Superior Court. Photo by WTIC's Matt Dwyer.

Some Monday Morning Headlines

Some Monday morning headlines, since we were all buried in ham slices over the weekend, with the exception of those who observe Passover, in which case “porkage” is not an issue.


Attorney General George Jepsen (Courtesy CT-N)

This Morning With Ray Dunaway April 21st 2014

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You Can Only Stay Mad For So Long, Right?

Rep. Larson wants to increase Congressional terms to 4 years because of the pressure of fund-raising. He points out that right after the initiation ceremony, new members start raising money for the next cycle, and that detracts them from their true job. Larson may have a point.