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Todd Feinburg: Al Franken Accused

Al Franken accused of sexual misconduct? Is this an early Christmas present for Roy Moore? What is the political fallout of the new revelations?


Todd Feinburg: Would Trump Use Nukes Inappropriately?

Chris Murphy says Dems are concerned that Trump may inappropriately use Nukes… is there any evidence of that?


Todd Feinburg: The Last ‘Moral’ President

The Roy Moore saga continues. Where is this avalanche of sexual abuse accusations headed? Who should rule the world; Men or Women? 


Todd Feinburg: Should Roy Moore Drop Out?

Todd talks the Roy Moore child molestation accusation story… should Roy Moore drop out of the race? Is it sabotage by the Dems and/or Establishment Republicans? 


Todd Feinburg: Defining Sexual Harassment

And is the Dems’ win in off year elections the result of Trump?


Todd Feinburg: What’s Your Smart Phone Price Limit?

The iPhone X– would you pay $1,000 for a phone? What is your limit?


Todd Feinburg: Mental Stability & Belief Systems

Religion, spirituality, and atheism… how do they fit together and how do they relate to the shooter in Texas?


Todd Feinburg: Men Are Raised Entitled?

Why women don’t come forward when they experience sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior from higher ups. This and more on the latest episode… listen now.


Todd Feinburg: Can Social Spending Be Cut?

And should the President be the projection of our collective best selves?


Todd Feinburg: Terror Attack In Manhattan

In reaction to Wednesday’s terror attack in Manhattan, Todd interviews Pamela Geller, author of “Fatwa: Hunted in America.”


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