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Todd Feinburg: Will Tourism Save CT?

Is tourism the financial solution for CT? Plus, we discuss the state education system… public schools vs voucher schools.


Todd Feinburg: The Ben Shapiro Speech Fiasco

Tim Sullivan, President of UConn College Republicans, talks the Ben Shapiro speech fiasco and the current campus atmosphere.


Todd Feinburg: Trump Is Changing Everything

Michael Harrison explains how Trump is changing everything.


Todd Feinburg: Your Worst Job Ever

What was your worst job, what did you learn from it?


Todd Feinburg: What Speech Should Be Protected?

The Mad Liberal talks libel law– free speech, hate speech… what speech should be protected?


Todd Feinburg: Have the Dems Lost Their Minds?

It’s not the Governor, but the Democratic party that’s lost its mind.


Todd Feinburg: #Oprah2020

#Oprah2020… if she runs, she will win?


Todd Feinburg: Identity Politics and Hypocrisy

Plus, Chip and Joanna Gains are getting grief for having a fifth child. Only child vs. multiple children… how does this effect the futures of these children?


Todd Feinburg: Smaller Government, More Spending?

Sen. Bob Duff, Senate Majority Leader, Norwalk & Darien, discusses the Courant article “CT’s Money Is Moving Out.” Smaller government but more spending? Pete Kasperowicz, Washington Examiner, and Stephen Strang, CEO of Charisma Media and author of “God and Donald Trump.”


Todd Feinburg: Sexual Harassment At ESPN

We discuss the Boston Globe’s scathing expose of sexual harassment at ESPN, and Ivy League College BDSM Clubs and workshop. Then, Sen Formica talks state budget battle returning. 


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