Todd Feinburg

Todd Feinburg: What Halloween Candy By State Tells Us

Plus, a look at older and obscure candies… what’s your favorite? 


Todd Feinburg: UFOs, The Budget & More

Rick Teles, former military and author of “The Final Revelation: The Sun Project” joins Todd to discuss UFOs. 


Todd Feinburg: Cultural Appropriation of Mexican Food

We discuss the Oregon burrito restaurant forced out of business a result of outrage over their cultural appropriation of Mexican food by white women.


Todd Feinberg: JFK

Carl Seeger Henry, Truth Activist, discusses the JFK docs story. Plus, much more.


Todd Feinburg: Voting On An Unseen Budget

Todd talks voting on a budget nobody has seen.


Todd Feinburg: Establishment Republicans Not Running Again

Todd looks at the case of the establishment Republicans not running for re-election.


Todd Feinburg: Trump and the ‘Rigged System’

Discussing the Trump impeachment campaign, Myeshia Johnson’s call with the president, the Trump effect on Washington, and more.


File photo of cars on a road. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Todd Feinburg: How The Car Tax Could Affect Fleet Businesses

Michael Harrison and Suzanne Bates, Policy Director at the Yankee Institute, talk about the car tax’s potential effect on businesses with fleets.


Todd Feinburg: How To Fix a Budget Mess

Rep. Prasaad Srinivasan, candidate for governor, discusses what he would do to fix budget mess. 


Todd Feinburg: Nancy Wyman On Healthcare & More

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman joins Todd to discuss healthcare. Also, where does lottery revenue go?




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