Todd Feinburg

Todd Feinburg: Residents and Companies Leaving for Florida

Sen. Toni Boucher discusses her meeting with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, safe zones for doing drugs, and Methadone clinics.


Todd Feinburg: Tattoos and A Legislative Update

Sen Len Fasano calls in to Todd, to give an update on the legislature coming back for a special session.


Todd Feinburg: Immigration Standards

Should Illegal Immigration “Dreamers” enlist in service, or join a program to gain citizenship?


Todd Feinburg: Former FBI Agent’s Take On the Comey Hearings

Former FBI agent John Ligato joins Todd to offer insight on the James Comey hearing.


Todd Feinburg: The Comey Fallout Continues

Former FBI Director Jim Comey and Donald Trump are still feuding, and Todd discusses the latest developments…


Todd Feinburg: The Comey Hearing

Ex-FBI Director James Comey testifies in front of Congress, and Todd shares his reactions.


Todd Feinburg: State Union Deals and Budget Resolutions

Zach Janowski, Director of External Affairs for The Yankee Institute talks in studio with Todd about the Union deal and concessions.


Todd Feinburg: Facing Exodus From Residents And Businesses

Aetna may be leaving. Connecticut residents as well. How can this be fixed?


Todd Feinburg: Speeches On Top Of Speeches

Claudine Rankine joins Todd to talk Maxine Waters’ statements on Trump.


Todd Feinburg: Zuckerberg and Driving… What Is The Similarity?

Zuckerberg– base level of income, new social contract, everyone hates everyone else who drives.



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