Todd Feinburg

Todd Feinburg: The State Budget

Sen. Joan Hartley of Waterbury, Middlebury & Naugatuck talks about state budget.


Todd Feinburg: Vape Laws

David Horowitz, American conservative writer, is a founder and current president of the think tank the David Horowitz Freedom Center and he’s on with Todd. Also Martin Pazzani discusses Connecticut’s Vape laws and regulations. 


Todd Feinburg: The State Budget Battle

CJ Pearson, a 15 year old black conservative who talks politics on social media joins Todd, along with Rep. Themis Klarides, Sen Len Fasano, and Sen Rob Sampson who all talk about the state budget battle.


Todd Feinburg: Taxing the Evil Rich

Taxing the evil rich… is this ever a real solution? Todd discusses…


Todd Feinburg: Should We Stay Or Should We Go Now?

Irma is imminent… do you stay or go? And Sen Len Fasano, Rep Matt Ritter, Sen Joe Markley all join Todd to discuss the State Budget. 


Todd Feinburg: Irma, Title IX, and More

Todd takes on DUI Checkpoints, Hurricane Irma, DeVos Title IX, and more.


Todd Feinburg: Sampson Markley Hearing

How did the State Election Enforcement Commission hearing turn out?


Todd Feinburg: Live From The Rent!

Tom Shattuck and Joe D join Todd for a discussion about old media vs new media… plus a surprise guest!


Todd Feinburg: In Studio Budget Talks

Rob Sampson and Joe Markley join Todd in studio for a budget talk. Then, Corporations vs Extremist groups. 


Todd Feinburg: More Budget Talk

Rep. Josh Elliott, 88th District, Hamden joins Todd to talk about the latest on the budget battle.



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