Jim Vicevich

Sound Off CT: What We Know About The Potential Budget

The potential budget passage, the Millstone Plant subsidies, US troops in Africa, and more on today’s show. Listen now.


Sound Off CT: Start the Week Running

Let’s start the week running. 


Sound Off CT: The Latest Budget Compromise

Christine Stuart of CTNewsjunkie.com talks about the latest budget compromise. Ronald Winters talks about the latest General Kelly press conference. 


Sound Off CT: Trump’s Tax Reform Moving Forward?

Cassie Smedile, National Press Secretary for the RNC, looks at Trump’s speech discussing the White House’s efforts alongside Congress to get tax reform done.


Sound Off CT: Past Presidents & Treatment of Soldiers

Today’s show looks at the state budget debate, and President Trump’s comments on past presidents and soldiers. Listen now.


Sound Off CT: Trump’s Tax Package, Good or Bad?

Tommy Binion joins Jim to discuss the President’s latest tax package… good, bad, or otherwise? 


Sound Off CT: What We Can Learn From Las Vegas

What can we learn from the Las Vegas shooting disaster?


Sound Off CT: The Impact On Las Vegas

Looking at the tragedy that impacted Las Vegas.


Sound Off CT: Would New Laws Have Helped?

Would changes in laws have stopped the Las Vegas shooting?


Sound Off CT: Will The Veto Be Overturned?

What are the chances of a budget veto overturn? 




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