Jim Vicevich

SOUND OFF CT: The Local Budget Disaster

Don Pesci talks with Jim about the local budget disaster. Also the Sound Off Sis calls in!


SOUND OFF CT: The Dems’ Presidential Bullpen

Does the Democratic party have anyone in the bullpen to fill the White House next election?



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SOUND OFF CT: Susan Rice, Manafort, and White Privilege From Pepsi

Emily Jashinsky, Commentary Writer at the Washington Examiner, joins Jim to take on Susan Rice, Paul Manafort, and that “White Privilege” ad from Pepsi.


SOUND OFF CT: Taxes The State Wants To Impose On You

Christine Stuart of CTNewsJunkie.com joins Jim to discuss the latest tax implements the state is looking to impose on Connecticut residents.


SOUND OFF CT: State Taxes, Equal Pay, and Gorsuch

Jim and Pastor Will Marotti talk about the latest on the Neil Gorsuch Confirmation, and the state of CT taxes and equal pay.


SOUND OFF CT: National Security Update

Don Pesci, Red Notes from a Blue State: Connecticut Commentary, and Peter Brookes, Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy, join Jim to discuss the latest National security news with Russia, North Korea and China.


SOUND OFF CT: Why Isn’t Hillary Clinton in Jail?

Katie Kieffer,commentator, entrepreneur and author, asks the big question. And Julian Sanchez of the Cato Institute talks surveillance on the Trump team.


SOUND OFF CT: The Snowflake Test

An action Packed show today with Andy McCarthy, Mike Walsh, and Kyle S. Reyes, President/CEO The Silent Partner Marketing. Reyes discusses the “Snowflake test” which made some waves a few weeks ago on social media.


SOUND OFF CT: The Gorsuch Hearings

Jim is joined by Weekend Editor of Hot Air, Jazz Shaw, who discusses the Gorsuch hearings and Jake Yapper!



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