Jim Vicevich

Sound Off CT: Terror Attacks?

Could the U.S. be facing another terror attack? 


Sound Off CT: Free Speech, Kind Of

Free speech for everyone… unless it offends me.


Sound Off CT: Charlottesville

Trump tells the truth and press goes crazy!


Sound Off CT: Who Should We The People Be Watching?

Between Russia, North Korea, White Supremacists, and Nazi’s… who should Americans be watching out for?


Sound Off CT: Health Care Update

The Sound Off Sister calls in to discuss the health care debate. 


Sound Off CT: Now Where Do We Go From Here?

Jim looks at the media’s obsession with Trump, the Russia scandal, and everything about this administration.


Sound Off CT: The Mooch Is Out!

The Mooch only made it ten days in the Trump administration… and we discuss his departure.


Sound Off CT: Should We Worry?

Steven Bucci, Visiting Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy, says North Korea may be closer to an ICM than we had thought and hoped for.


Sound Off CT: Where Repeal & Replace Stands

Discussing Imran Awan, Repeal and Replace, and much more. Listen now!


Sound Off CT: Are The Democrats Out Of Tricks?

Don Pesci, Red Notes From A Blue State, answers the question… Plus, a look at the standoff between Trump and Sessions.



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