Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks 21-6-5
▲ 5
The Ducks have seven straight wins, despite having been without the services of both Francois Beauchemin and Corey Perry for the last four games.
2 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks 21-9-1
▼ 1
One of the overlooked aspects of the team is the play of backup goalie Scott Darling, who started the last three games of recent eight-game win streak.
3 Nashville Predators Nashville Predators 19-8-2
▲ 1
Forward Filip Forsberg leads the team in both scoring and plus/minus,and is only 20 years old. Great times ahead in Smashville.
4 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues 20-8-2
▲ 1
Martin Brodeur has an opportunity to be a No. 1 goalie again, and Vladimir Tarasenko leads the team in both goals and Plus/minus.
5 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings 17-7-7
▲ 2
Coming into the season, all the talk was about the end of the Mike Babcock era. Now, all the talk is about how soon he will get a contract extension.
6 Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning 19-9-3
▼ 3
The team's critics would be less skeptical with Steven Stamkos' plus/minus rating, better than just +1.
7 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins 19-6-4
▼ 5
Sidney Crosby has the mumps. Pens will need to make some adjustments and hope it doesn't race through the team.
8 Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings 15-10-6
▲ 1
Kings are the third best defensive team in the NHL. Now their scorers need to start finding the back of the net.
9 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens 19-10-2
▲ 6
P.K. Subban continues to mature and goaltender Carey Price continues to come up big in big moments. The tightrope act is still working.
10 Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild 16-11-1
▲ 4
Hopefully, both mumps and slumps will soon be a distant memory. This is a good hockey team.
11 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks 18-10-2
▼ 3
Goalie Ryan Miller has given up 18 goals in his last five starts. Therefore, the play of Eddie Lack is the real key to any hopes of a return to the postseason.
12 New York Islanders New York Islanders 20-10
▼ 2
Islanders had dropped three straight, but then earned a big win to snap Chicago's win streak. All is well on the island.
13 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 18-9-3
▲ 8
Toronto has five straight wins, including one over the Los Angeles Kings. It's all about consistency.
14 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 12-8-8
▲ 6
Little known fact: The Panthers now have a better record than the Boston Bruins.
15 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins 15-13-2
▼ 4
Now that Zdeno Chara is back, it is just a matter of getting the mojo back.
16 San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks 17-11-4
▼ 4
The Sharks are 7-1 in their last eight games. Their curiously mediocre season may be turning around.
17 Washington Capitals Washington Capitals 14-10-5
▼ 4
Looking at where the team came from, Head Coach Barry Trotz definitely deserves a pat on the back.
18 Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets 15-10-6
▼ 2
They may not be able to beat the truly elite teams, but there is no longer any lack of effort. Playoffs may soon become a reality.
19 Calgary Flames Calgary Flames 17-13-2
▼ 2
The Flames have lost five straight and are just 4-6 in the last 10. Things are getting a bit tense in Alberta.
20 New York Rangers New York Rangers 14-10-4
▼ 2
This season, Rick Nash is really earning it. He leads the team in goals, overall scoring and plus/minus.
21 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators 12-12-5
▼ 2
The Paul MacLean era is over, and the Sens recently got their first win of the Dave Cameron era.
22 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils 11-15-5
▲ 2
The season was looking okay, but now the Devils have lost three straight and are just 2-6-2 in the last 10 games.
23 Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 11-13-5
▼ 1
When they find a true leader amongst the players, this thing may begin to turn around.
24 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres 12-16-2
▲ 4
Buffalo is 7-3 in the last 10 games. It looks like Ted Nolan is instilling the proper discipline.
25 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers 11-13-5
▼ 2
The season is almost half over; it is about time for the Orange and Black to get serious.
26 Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche 10-13-7
With Ottawa having terminated Paul MacLean last week, speculation will soon begin to swirl around Patrick Roy.
27 Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers 7-19-5
▲ 3
It has yet to translate to wins, but there does seem to be a better effort, lately. Maybe the 11-game losing streak was shock therapy.
28 Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets 12-15-2
▼ 3
And now, Scott Hartnell is going to miss two weeks due to a broken finger. Then again, Hartnell was -11 so far this season.
29 Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes 8-18-3
The Hurricanes have lost five games in a row. Only two players on the team have a positive plus/minus rating.
30 Phoenix Coyotes Phoenix Coyotes 10-16-4
▼ 3
The losing continues. There is no real end in sight. All their fans can hope for are tiny pockets of occasional relief.

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