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Two-year investigation of politically charged incident determines whether series of persistent allegations were valid
Multiple sources tell CBS News when to expect announcement in fatal police shooting of Michael Brown
Police chief: "There's somebody out there who knows a lot more than we know and we need that information"
Massive snow problem in western New York about to turn into massive melting problem as temperatures rise, rain falls
CBS News talks to U.S., Russian and European Space Agency astronauts about science, medical experiments to be conducted over next several months
U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan, previously limited to counterterrorism against al Qaeda, can target Taliban fighters if threatened
Sheriff's deputy responding to house fire fatally shot by gunman
Mexican immigrant who came to U.S. at 5 celebrating president's executive action that's also drawing opposition from some Americans
Republican congressman running for Senate says his opponent has failed to advance oil pipeline that would benefit Louisiana
Embattled comedian performs before a crowd of his faithful in wake of sexual assault accusations

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