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The former congressman and staunch libertarian says secession is part of the "grand American tradition"
Amid concern over Europeans heading to Syria, gov't seeks power to stop people who "spread poisonous hatred"
Woman speeding on I-5 in Washington without insurance given tickets totaling $818
Defense lawyer says 36-year-old Brian Howard "made a tragic mistake in the course of trying to end his own life"
NFL says Muslim Chiefs safety should not have been penalized for dropping to his knees in prayer
Great Plains is next to get storm system that brought golf-ball sized hail and snow to Rocky Mountains
Get a first look at the bride's Oscar de la Renta wedding dress, while Clooney tells People magazine marriage "feels pretty damn great"
An armed intruder got further into the White House than was originally reported. Plus, protestors are demanding democratic reforms in Hong Kong. All that and all that matters in today's "Eye Opener." Your world in 90 seconds.
Online auction giant announces plans to part ways with pay service
Ground broken on new hospital, mobile Ebola labs set to open in Liberia as American military effort gets rolling

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