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Vice President says decision on seeking Democratic presidential nomination will hinge on whether he and his family have the "emotional energy to run"
Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump signed a pledge Thursday saying he will support whoever wins the GOP nomination, and not run as a third-party candidate
In an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump argued it wasn't necessary for a primary candidate to know who leads terrorist organizations in the Middle East
Vice President Joe Biden made his first public comment Thursday about whether or not he would run for president in 2016
Security at a GOP primary event for candidate Donald Trump tore down a sign and scuffled with protesters dressed in white sheets
Jeb Bush tells New Hampshire factory workers that Donald Trump’s “negativity” is wrong for America
GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump promised Thursday not to make a third-party run for the White House if he loses the GOP nomination.
The vice president met with some prominent Jewish Democrats in South Florida on Thursday
Trump criticized Bush for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail, saying he should set an example by speaking English in the U.S.
Some presidential candidates see it as a path to success in Iowa, while others prefer to concentrate on more populous areas