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The 2012 Republican presidential ticket-mates talk Obama's foreign policy failures, unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and 2016
List starts with George Washington and continues from there; why do presidents do it -- and should they if events demand their attention?
Former governor says he couldn't have been engaged in conspiracy to accept illegal gifts because he and his wife were barely speaking
GAO says Pentagon failed to notify congressional committees before trading 5 Taliban leaders for POW; also spent nearly $1M without authorization
The Texas governor is moving full steam ahead with his potential presidential campaign in spite of his indictment
While saying he doesn't have any hard evidence that it's already happening, Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, warns of the possibility that Islamist militants could slip across the U.S.-Mexico border.
Defense secretary denies intelligence failure doomed mission to rescue James Foley and other hostages, but warns ISIS "is beyond just a terrorist group"
The defense secretary condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for beheading American journalist James Foley.
The Texas governor suggested that "they may have already used" the U.S.-Mexico border to sneak into the U.S.
Giffords, a former congresswoman and gun violence survivor, joined her husband Mark Kelly to challenge the National Rifle Association official

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