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Christie says it's not what parents aspire to for their children
John Kerry says former Democratic presidential candidate will help smooth negotiations in the new round of power-sharing talks
Several Republican lawmakers are working on travel bans from West Africa
Which outlets do both liberals and conservatives trust for their news?
Georgia's Democratic Senate candidate is highlighting her relationship with the former GOP president, but he's not happy about it
Conservative Sheldon Adelson set the previous record for individual contributions to super PACs, giving $49.8 million for 2012 races
With just two weeks until election day, the issue of the ongoing Ebola crisis has become a talking point on the midterm campaign train. Chip Reid reports on how Ebola is being used by both Republicans and Democrats to score political points.
With just two weeks of campaigning left, candidates from across the political spectrum are using the public's fear to their advantage
Some companies in the "sharing economy" are facing challenges over workers' rights
Six states and Washington, D.C. open the doors to voters on Monday

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