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No initial reports of injuries or damage, but severe storm system moved through northern Texas
Large hailstones were reported about 70 miles southwest of Fort Worth, some cars were damaged, but no reports of injuries
Rodney Griffin, who was shot down in Cambodia in 1970, was laid to rest near his home after four decades buried in a grave near the crash site
President Obama took aim at the press and his political colleagues during his speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Daniel E. Messel, who is being held in the murder of Hannah Wilson, has several prior arrests for violence against women
In Baltimore, mourners paid their respects to Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who suffered a fatal spine injury in police custody. As Mark Albert reports, the community is demanding answers.
Two people are dead and several others are missing after a powerful storm capsized at least 10 boats during a regatta in Alabama's Mobile Bay. Jericka Duncan reports.
The Northeast got so much snow many ski resorts are still open there. Meanwhile, in the drought-stricken West, skiiers were left high and dry. Carter Evans and Adriana Diaz report.
James Holmes goes on trial Monday for killing 12 people in a Colorado theater, but can his defense convince a jury he was insane?
As Freddie Gray's family prepares to bury him, they are calling for peace in the wake of an eruption of violent protests