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When Don Thompson took the reins at McDonald's two years ago as its first African-American CEO, his charge was to make the Golden Arches golden again. Watch a preview of a profile by correspondent Lee Cowan, to be broadcast on "Sunday Morning."
One of two deputies killed in shooting spree died 26 days after his father also gave his life in the line of duty
Angela Rose says she shouldn't have survived her abduction and sexual assault – but she did. She shares her remarkable story of survival in all-new "48 Hours: Live to Tell" airing Saturday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
In California, when you think of tourist attractions, the San Andreas Fault is certainly not one of them. But there's an unknown area where you can actually hike inside the fault zone. David Begnaud reports.
A suspect is under arrest in the shooting deaths of two California deputies and the wounding of a third. Police say Marcelo Marquez led them on a wild six-hour chase and a manhunt across Northern California. Vinita Nair reports.
A CBS News investigation raises serious questions over how well some Job Corps centers are doing. Anna Werner reports.
Consiglieri: Leading From The Shadows" examines why all leaders need a smart, competent second in command. Author Richard Hytner joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss why being number two may be more important than being on top. Take the “consiglieri” quiz here.
Popular freshman's shooting spree leaves fellow students stunned; two of the wounded are gunman's cousins
Two teenagers, including the shooter, are dead and four others are hospitalized as authorities continue to search for a motive in the deadly school shooting at a high school near Seattle. Carter Evans reports.
Health care worker had recently treated Ebola patients in West Africa and was quarantined as state officials tighten safety measures

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