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A monsoon-like storm swept through Arizona over the weekend, leaving lots of damage and thousands in the Phoenix area without power. Shawn Kline from Phoenix affiliate KPHO reports.
After reading about a "fire challenge" on Facebook, a 15-year old boy poured rubbing alcohol on his chest and lit himself on fire. The burns he received could affect him for the rest of his life. WYKT's Victor Puente reports.
Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Monday that he is confident the two men are the suspects police had been searching for in Friday's crash, which killed three children and injured their mother
Attorney says the FBI has video that shows a second person was with Timothy McVeigh when he detonated bomb, killing 168 people
Officials discuss possibility of lifting evacuation orders for at least some of the roughly 1,200 people affected near Sacramento
Searchers go door to door to make sure no one is trapped in debris; severe weather rakes several Eastern states
Authorities say lightning hit 13 people at LA's Venice Beach, killing 1; man also struck on Catalina Island
Second such incident in 2 years has police union calling airport's security system a failure
Father walking along shore dies and his daughter is seriously injured when plane crashes onto Venice beach
NYPD accused a man dressed as Spider-Man of punching a cop; superheroes, Elmo and others have gotten in a bit of trouble recently