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16-year-old says he was "humiliated" when officials made him remove his makeup for license photo
Cloud servers have become vital for tech users, but experts urge caution. As CNET.com's Sumi Das explains, adding an extra layer of protection could keep hackers away.
Fatal accident turned summer vacation into "a life-changing tragedy," family says in statement asking for prayers
The university placed on paid leave an employee who was told he could not keep his job and use prescribed marijuana
Although some states have laws to deal with unwanted distribution of private images, it is nearly impossible to trace the perpetrator of the crime
A neighborhood in Houston, Texas has gone to the birds. A massive influx of egrets has homeowners in an uproar due to their loud calls and foul-smelling waste, which has caused pools and playgrounds to close. KHOU-TV's Drew Karedes reports.
New DNA evidence surfaced in the case of Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, who were imprisoned for the 1983 slaying of an 11-year-old in North Carolina
The troubled city will try to convince a federal judge of its plan to wipe out billions of dollars in debt
NFL takes punitive measures against Jim Irsay after he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor for operating a vehicle while intoxicated
32 teens broke out of detention center late night; local police say they weren't alerted for over an hour; several remain at large

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