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Severe storms are expected throughout Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, making a dire situation even worse. Some parts of Texas and Oklahoma could get more than half a foot of rain by next week. Vicente Arenas reports.
Overnight, Senate rejected a house passed bill on a vote of 57 to 42. The anti-terrorism bill is set to expire on June 1st, however the Senate will take up the issue again on May 31st. The National Journal's staff correspondent Dustin Volz joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the drama on Capitol Hill.
Voters in Ireland appear to have embraced a referendum legalizing same sex marriage, making it the first country in the world to do so. It pitts big social change against the country’s conservative Catholic foundation, as Charlie D’Agata reports.
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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated the Fed may start raising interest rates later this year. Also, a new national survey shows whether Americans would rather buy American goods than items produced overseas. Hena Daniels reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.
The college class of 2015 holds a dubious distinction: Its graduates are the most indebted ever. The average graduate, with a student loan, owes just over $35,000. Jill Schlesinger reports on the value of a college degree in the current economy.
As people enter retirement, some may want to look into retiring in a college town. As Don Dahler explains, colleges are creating partnerships with retirement communities that benefit both retirees and the colleges.
Legislation strengthens Obama administration's hand in global trade talks; now heads to unpredictable showdown in the House
A 100-pound dog named Kiaya, who lost both of her eyes in the span of 15 months, is getting a little help from two volunteer "seeing-eye dogs" -- her "brothers."
Four Los Angeles County firefighters were injured after falling through the roof of a burning casino. Cameras captured the dramatic moment as firefighters battled the flames. Danielle Nottingham reports.