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Pope Francis announced a temporary change in the way the Catholic Church views women who've had abortions
New emails show Hillary Clinton and her staff were sometimes frustrated when they couldn't share classified documents over her private Internet server
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis said that it's "under God's authority" that she's not issuing same-sex marriage licenses
A majority of police departments across the country are struggling to recruit officers
Law enforcement agencies are searching a Chicago suburb for three men suspected of killing Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Joseph Gliniewicz
Lake County officials updated the manhunt for three men who killed a police officer in Fox Lake, Ill
62-year-old Calif. woman was stranded in the rugged Sierra Nevada after falling off a cliff in the dark
A 75-year-old Calif. man "stunned" to see at least 20 people show up to reroof his house
Despite a court order, County Clerk Kim Davis says she is denying the marriage licenses, "Under God's authority"
Wounded resident of home mistakenly visited by police was heard asking "Why did they shoot me? Why did they shoot my dog?"