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21-year-old Kyle Jean-Baptiste, youngest actor to play starring role in "Les Miserables," died Friday in fall from fire escape
Composer and pianist Chad Lawson has been celebrated for his reinterpretations of classic works, creating a hit recording with his "Chopin Variations."
Over the past three decades Yo La Tengo has experimented with many sounds and styles, but it started with founding members Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan playing covers together
Veteran indie rockers Yo La Tengo are celebrating their 30th anniversary – and 25 years since their breakout LP “Fakebook” with a new album featuring covers, original songs, and some reworkings of old tracks
It was a daring feat immortalized in the 1963 classic “The Great Escape.”
Ready for the ​"Suicide Squad"? They're almost ready for you
This year's MTV Video Music Awards will undoubtedly feature some buzzy, likely raunchy (and definitely tune-in-worthy) moments
The ballerina has put aside her nervousness and is finding her feet on Broadway
​"Trainwreck" fans will be happy to see Amy Schumer reprise some of her dance moves from the comedy movie
The pop singer says Trump called to tell her how much he loved seeing her twerk at the 2013 VMAs