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Rankings are updated every Monday of the NBA season.

Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 Toronto Raptors Toronto Raptors 11-2
▲ 6
The Raptors are on a four game winning streak that includes a win over the Memphis Grizzlies.
2 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies 11-2
▼ 1
Is this the year the Grizzlies win the Western conference? It’s more than possible.
3 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors 9-2
▲ 1
Winners of four straight, Golden State is off to an incredible start.
4 Portland Trail Blazers Portland Trail Blazers 9-3
▲ 1
After a slow start, Portland has won six straight games.
5 Houston Rockets Houston Rockets 10-3
▼ 3
Lost to the Lakers and Grizzlies, but dropped Dallas to end the week.
6 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs 9-4
▲ 6
Spurs are so deep, you wouldn’t know they are missing key players.
7 Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks 10-4
▲ 1
The Mavs have the fourth most wins in the NBA.
8 Washington Wizards Washington Wizards 9-3
▲ 1
Washington has the second best record in the Eastern conference, but they must stop bad turnovers.
9 Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns 9-5
▲ 8
The Suns quite possibly have the best collection of guards in the NBA. They’re winners of four in a row.
10 Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls 8-5
▼ 7
The Bulls are on a two game losing streak due to a tough West Coast trip.
11 Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers 7-4
▼ 1
Have the Clippers finally gotten their act together?
12 Sacramento Kings Sacramento Kings 8-5
▲ 3
Despite blowing leads, this team is a playoff contender.
13 New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans 7-5
▼ 2
Anthony Davis is a star and getting more dominant daily.
14 Miami Heat Miami Heat 7-6
They’ll need Dwayne Wade in the long run, but in the weak East, the Heat are fine.
15 Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Hawks 6-5
▼ 2
The Hawks have been dominant at home, but struggle mightily on the road.
16 Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks 7-7
▲ 3
This young team is showing promise, even with a missed game winning layup attempts.
17 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers 5-7
▼ 11
The Lebron James coached team has lost four in a row.
18 Orlando Magic Orlando Magic 6-9
▲ 4
The Magic are getting better as the young season progresses.
19 Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets 6-7
▲ 9
The Nuggets are middle of the road at 6-7. If they can tip the scales in the other direction, they’ll be moving up the ranks.
20 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz 5-9
▼ 2
Utah loves hitting buzzer beaters, but they have lost two in a row.
21 Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets 5-8
▼ 5
Brooklyn lost a triple overtime game against Milwaukee. In time they should be playoff ready.
22 Indiana Pacers Indiana Pacers 5-8
▼ 1
The jury is still out on the Pacers. They must learn to protect home court.
23 Boston Celtics Boston Celtics 4-7
▲ 2
Boston is a young team that seems to be getting better.
24 Minnesota Timberwolves Minnesota Timberwolves 3-9
▲ 3
The Timberwolves fell to the Sacramento Kings on Saturday and recently found out shooting guard Kevin Martin will be out indefinitely with a bum wrist.
25 Charlotte Hornets Charlotte Hornets 4-9
▼ 5
Buzzer beaters never help when you’re struggling. The Hornets should be better.
26 Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder 3-11
▼ 3
Reinforcement should be coming soon. This team is depleted.
27 Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers 3-10
▲ 2
With Swaggy P in the lineup, it’s a fun time watching the Lakers.
28 New York Knicks New York Knicks 4-10
▼ 2
Hopefully the Knicks can get healthy before it’s too late.
29 Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons 3-10
▼ 5
Losing four straight is not a good thing when you only have three wins. They had a chance to get a win over Phoenix.
30 Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers 0-13
They are by far the worst team in the NBA. Still, they wouldn’t lose to the Kentucky Wildcats.

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