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Columbia Dental

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not thorough

I took my daughter there because she had a cracked tooth. They examined her and said the decay was into the root and she needed a root canal and crown and it would cost $2600. I decided to get a second opinion and this dentist actually tested the root and said it was ok. He gave an estimate to clean out the decay, fill the tooth and address a few other issues for $500. Will never go to Columbia Dental again that’s for sure
May 03, 2012

Dentists good--billing leaves much to be desired

I have been satisfied with the Dentists and staff that take care of the patients. They are always courteus and gentle and I do not feel I have had work done just to get the money like other practices I have heard about. Their billing however is a nightmare!! and get anyone to talk to you when you have overpaid based on insurance estimates is like trying to meet the president face to face. The person is never at their desk--then they say they never got the check the insurance company has mailed not once--but twice now --so although the insurance company says it has paid and they say they haven't gotten the check--and someone in the house is out $64 for 2 months that you were promised would be refunded 4 weeks ago---Now 2 years ago I had an overpaymnet on my account when my son had his wisdom teeth pulled from payments made on crowns that were replaced 6 months earlier--transferred the ""overpayment"" to my son of $123.00 and received a collection letter 6 months later saying I owed $120.00 from over a year ago--took 2 months to ""correct"" that error.\r So as much as I like the dentists--My family and I will be going to another cause I just can't deal with the inferior bookkeeping department., It's enough to drive someone crazy--I would suggest you don't make any payments to these people until you know that all the insurance money has been received--at least 4 months after your service--then be sure you keep every paper from the insurance company so they can't tell you payment was not made on your behalf.
April 09, 2012


GREAT HOURS MADE IT CONVENIENT . When I arrived, they were very effecient and friendly. The dentist was very gentle and discussed my options in detail. answered all my questions. They took my insurance so it didn't cost nearly what my old dentist was going to charge. thumbs up.
November 17, 2011


I went to Columbia Dental last Tuesday and I have to say that If i had listened to these reviews I would have ran away but I was having tooth pain and I was desperate. I was seen the same day I called to make an appointment and was assured that they work well with scary cats like myself. It turns out I needed a root canal!!! I was helped with finances so that I could do the root canal THAT same night. I am very grateful to the staff who accomodated me.
June 28, 2011

Terrible Service

I went to Columbia Dental for the first time - very skeptical but hoping I would be wrong in my skepticism. Not only was I right. The Dentist that saw me was extremely rude and absolutely no help. When i fill out forms I intentionally do not put employment or insurance information both of which I have and exellent at that. The dentist did not even look closely at the preliminary panarama picture that was taken and did check my teeth at all. I made this appointment as a consultation only and was advised that there was no charge for a consultation. I assumed there would be a little more checking than was took place. The attitude of the dentist was so terrible when he gave his opinion I simply said fine and walked out. After leaving I realized the reason this dentist behaved this way was he assumed I had no job and no insurance therefore was not even worth his time so he blew me off. Very bad customer service. You never know who comes into an office or what there capacity to pay is. In this case not only did this dental firm loose a client that was more than able to pay but I will be sure to tell all my friends and family, associates about the horrible service I received and the assumptions that were made. I travel all over the world and you can be sure I will advise consumers of my experience.
September 26, 2009
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