Listen To Dick Bertel on WTIC When the JFK Assassination Took Place

This morning, Dick Bertel, WTIC personality from 1956 to 1977, sat with Ray Dunaway to recall the day he was on the air when new broke that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas.  Bertel broke the news live on WTIC alongside Floyd Richards and Bob Ellsworth during the Mikeline program, and you can hear their entire broadcast of the events above.

Virtually everyone remembers where they were when President Kennedy was shot, and this video, courtesy of the broadcaster’s son Doug Bertel, shows exactly where WTIC was, as a regular call-in program was interrupted by this news which rocked the world.  This video features both the broadcast from Mikeline (which featured callers sharing recipes and other domestic tips on air), as well as a timeline of events as the world responded to the news of the shooting.  It’s a look inside this fateful day, as well as a look at how a major news story broke 50 years ago, long before the digital age.

As Bertel outlined in the description of the compelling broadcast:

Breaking news of an assassination attempt on President Kennedy interrupts the casual conversation of the call-in program “Mikeline” on WTIC Radio in Hartford, Connecticut. For the next sixteen minutes, announcers Floyd Richards, Bob Ellsworth, and Dick Bertel as well as studio engineers, the news staff, and other support personnel will manage the story locally until NBC News offers continuous coverage to WTIC and its other radio affiliates nationwide.

Listen to the entire broadcast today, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

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