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ConnPIRG On The Supreme Court Decision

“In Citizens United the Supreme Court handed a giant megaphone to the wealthiest interests, and now with their ruling in McCutcheon, they’ve turned up the volume even higher,” said ConnPIRG Director Abe Scarr. “The last […]


Common Cause On Supreme Court Decision

“Today’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC is Citizens United round two, further opening the floodgates for the nation’s wealthiest few to drown out the voices of the rest of us,” said Miles Rapoport, president of […]


Congressman John Larson (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Congressman Larson On The Supreme Court Decision

“Today, the Supreme Court again moved to hand our elections to the wealthiest among us by allowing political donors the ability to offer the maximum contribution to an unlimited number of federal campaigns. “At a […]


Cong. Jim Himes (Courtesy CT-N)

Congressman Himes On Supreme Court Decision

“We need less money in our politics, not more.  This decision from a slim five-member majority of the court threatens to set our democracy back – just like the very unfortunate Citizens United ruling did […]


Senator Richard Blumenthal (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Senator Blumenthal On Supereme Court’s Decision

“This morning’s ruling is just the latest attack in the Supreme Court’s unfortunate and misguided war on democracy – a series of rulings with the combined effect of creating a country in which money talks […]