The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Game #39….For All the Marbles ! – There aren’t too many seasons in Women’s College Basketball that the best team doesn’t play for the National Championship. But the two hottest teams are in UConn & […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Repeat after me 20 Times….Sweet 16 –  Let that sink in for a minute, each of the last 20 years, The UConn Women have gotten this far in the NCAA Tournament. And in 18 of […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

March Madness is alive and well !  After what I witnessed the last two weekends in person, I’m very much looking forward to what’s ahead the next three weekend on both the men’s and women’s […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Championship #1 up for grabs – Sharing isn’t fun, you remember having to do that with brothers and sisters or cousins growing up. And let’s not forget sharing at school back in the day. Well, […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

The Showdown with #1 Baylor – The Monday Night game between #1 and #3 has gotten a lot of hype from ESPN. And why not ? The two regular season meetings have brought great drama. […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Rolling Along – Good Morning Husky Fans…Happy Valentines Day !  Well as we approach the final weeks of the regular season, the Huskies have certainly picked up the pace and taken no prisoners in their […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

The Dog Days of the Season – Back home from the Queen City after an easy win at Cincinnati last night. The starters were more than effective. Stefanie Dolson started by banking in a three, […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Halfway thru the season – We’re 15 games into the season for the Huskies and not once has the entire roster been available to play even one game this season as a group. And now, […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Streak Snappers – 12/29/12 – The 1 v 2 matchup was over in the blink of an eye. At 5-5, UConn went on a 19-4 run and the rest is history. Another blowout in this […]


The Women’s Beat with Bob Joyce

Not an Easy Time Between Games – That would be an understatement however you look at it with the events of the past few weeks. First, the sudden loss of our friend, mentor and colleague […]



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