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Sports Commentary 5/22/14: Good News & Bad News For CT Sun

The bad news– the Connecticut Sun are off to an oh and three start to what was expected to be a bounce back season cloaked in optimism. The good news– they are a young team, and the season is young.



Sports Commentary 5/19/14 The Nasal Strip Skinny On The Belmot Stakes

The approach of the Belmont Stakes brings with it the chance for the first Triple Crown winner in thoroughbred racing since Affirmed in 1978, or not. There’s a slim chance that California Chrome, winner of the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, will not run at Belmont.


New Britain Stadium (Photo Credit: minor league baseball.com)

Sports Commentary 5/16/14 Prospecting in The Minor Leagues

Fans at New Britain Stadium this week expected to get an eyeful of some of the best young talent in baseball.



Sports Commentary 5/15/14 Golden Rule

There are little known rules in every sport, and every sport specifically pays people to know them.


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Sports Commentary 5/14/14 The Review From The Traditionalist

I’m coming clean. I’m a traditionalist. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It doesn’t make me a bad person. I’ve suspected it for a long time.


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Sports Commentary 5/13/14 College Economics Class

For those of you keeping track of the ever changing landscape of college athletics, and that’s just about every college sports fans, there were a couple of developments yesterday that will have a major impact on the future.


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Sports Commentary 5/12/14 The Fringe Of Correctness

Somewhere along the line we’ve lost our senses and we’ve all become part of the lunatic fringe. The longer this Donald Sterling issue goes on in the NBA the less sure I am which side is nuttier.


Photo Credit: Patrick Semansky

Sports Commentary 5/9/14 Kicking The Political Football Around

The battle lines have been drawn in a congressional hearing room and the usual rhetoric dominates the across the aisle bickering.


2. Oklahoma City Thunder (59-23)

Sports Commentary 5/8/14 MVP

We can go over the numbers all we want. We can analyze them in every context, individual performance, impact on team records, all the ways they’re dissected to evaluate performances and hand out awards, but sometimes the numbers just don’t measure the man and the moment, the impact they have on each other.


Big East (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Sports Commentary 5/7/14 Closing In On A Closed Club

To say it’s been an interesting week in college athletics would be to understate the impact that three moves in particular are going to have on the landscape as another summer of realignment seems very likely.



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