Ron Francis, Carolina Hurricanes, 2002 (Craig Jones/Getty Images)

Sports Commentary 4/29/14 An Honorable Man

It’s almost as if we’ve come full circle in the Hartford Whalers-Carolina Hurricanes saga.


(Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Sports Commentary 4/28/14 – Do the Right Thing Judiciously

There are immediate solutions to the firestorm created by the release of voice mails from Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling to his former girlfriend, but to attempt to resolve the issue permanently may work to the detriment of everyone trying to do the right thing.


Umpire Gerry Davis;  Michael Pineda, New York Yankees (Jarod Wickerham/Getty Images)

Sports Commentary 4/25/14: To Cheat, But Not Get Caught

Borrowing from the vernacular of the sport’s British cousin, Major League Baseball is dealing with a sticky wicket.


Photo Credit: Rick Stewart/ Getty Images Sport

Sports Commentary 4/23/14: The Islanders or Whalers Aren’t Coming

Don’t you people know you’re being used. Everyone knows how to push your buttons, what rumors to float to mobilize you for their own purposes. The latest case was a simple radio station promotion and you fell for it.


Vin Yokabaskas,  Courtesy UConn

Sports Commentary 4/22/14 – Vin Yokabaskas… From Bloomfield to Storrs

It was a much different era in college basketball when Bloomfield’s Vin Yokabaskas arrived at the University of Connecticut.


Boston Prepares To Commemorate Year Anniversary Of Marathon Bombing

Sports Commentary 4/21/14 America Strong

Last night’s moving tribute prior to the Fenway game was 20 minutes spent celebrating the heroes and victims of the tragedy of Patriots Day past, the bombings at the finish line of the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.


Hockey Equipment

Sports Commentary 4/18/14 Tomorrow’s Stars

It’s almost impossible not to pick out the names when you’re perusing the morning Major League Baseball box scores and glancing at the game summaries.


(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Sports Commentary 4/17/14 – Old Fashioned No-No ?

The first game at Yankee Stadium yesterday afternoon was in the seventh inning before I realized what I was watching. I was watching an old fashioned no hitter.


Gene Reilly next to Rebecca Lobo from 2004 Gold Key Dinner

Sports Commentary – Gene Reilly 1944-2014

Few names in Connecticut athletic history resonate so proudly with the athletic legacy of a family as the name Reilly.



Sports Commentary 4/15/14 Just Another Day

  JUST ANOTHER DAY ON CENTER STAGE The Connecticut basketball events of yesterday came with an interesting wrinkle and a surprise or two. It was no real surprise that the American Athletic Conference selected Hartford […]