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Sports Commentary 6/18/13

The grind of the PGA Tour and honoring commitments.. R-E-S-P-E-C-T Tiger Woods could make a living playing in just the major golf tournaments and he wouldn’t be beholding to anyone.  Tiger picks and chooses, playing […]


Sports Commentary 6/17/13

The U.S. Open is history, now, it’s Traveler’s week in Cromwell THE TRAVELERS CHAMPIONSHIP, WHERE THE GAME IS THE THING The top three golfers in the world rankings won’t be in Cromwell this week.  They […]


Sports Commentary 6/13/13

Golf’s U.S. Open begins today outside Philadelphia…Phil Mickelson has already won.. TEE TIME FOR GOLF’S “FATHER OF THE YEAR” The first big story of golf’s 113th U.S. Open has been written.  Phil Mickelson is on […]


Sports Commentary 5/23/13

The feud of Tiger and Sergio.. FAIRWAY FEUD The feud between Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods didn’t start over Tiger pulling a fairway wood out of his bag while Sergio was in the middle of […]


Sports Commentary 5/22/13

The banning of the belly putter The man who singlehandedly brought golf into the television era and the man who has taken the greatest advantage of it were both in favor of the rule change, […]


Sports Commentary 5/21/13

Reading “Between the Lines.” READING BETWEEN THE LINES You can learn a lot by reading, particularly when you read between the lines.  The USGA will rule today on a proposed ban against anchored putters.  If […]


Sports Commentary 5/15/13

Media Day for the Traveler’s Championship Tuesday THE BEST THE PGA TOUR HAS TO OFFER 35 years ago the PGA Tour put the Greater Hartford Jaycees on notice.  The Wethersfield Country Club, which had yielded […]


Sports Commentary 5/7/13

Sports Gambling…on the golf course ? BRING ON THE PREAKNESS AND BRING ON THE RATINGS There’s an interesting cover feature in the USA Today sports section this morning, about the NCAA’s concerns over sports gambling […]


Sports Commentary 4/11/13

Looks at the Masters FOUR DAYS IN APRIL Golf’s grandest moment is underway on a magnificent stage of the south that’s lined with magnolias and pine needles and turns at Amen Corner, where dreams become […]


Sports Commentary 3/27/13

So, Tiger is #1 again…And Nike Cares.. commentary 3-27 WINNING ALONE DOESN’T MAKE WINNERS Winning takes care of everything.  Unfortunately that seems to be the prevailing attitude in today’s sports world, but is it really […]



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