Regional News

Study: Infections Usually Culprit In Falls Of Older PeopleA new study reveals that infections are usually the culprit as to why elderly people fall.
800-Pound Man Booted From Rhode Island Hospital After Ordering PizzaSteven Assanti, 30, was enrolled in a weight loss program at Rhode Island Hospital
Harvard's Prestigious Debate Team Loses To New York InmatesMonths after winning a national title, Harvard's debate team has fallen to a group of New York inmates.
Study: People Do Have A 'Type' They Are Attracted ToA new study reveals that people do have a “type” they are attracted to.
Woman Reunites With Nurse Who Took Care Of Her 38 Years Ago After Photo Goes ViralPreserved by the photos, their encounters in the pediatric recovery room turned out to have a lasting impact on both their lives.
Maine Police: Man Puts Dog In Idling Truck; Dog Sends It Into LakeA Yorkshire terrier somehow put the truck into gear, causing it to roll 75 feet into Branch Lake near Ellsworth. The dog was rescued unharmed.
Report: More Than 1 In 4 Americans Spend 50 Percent Of Income On RentMore than a quarter of Americans who rent households spend 50 percent of their income paying the bill, according to a new report.
Restaurant Owner Says Yelp Manipulated Reviews After He Declined To Buy AdsA Portland restaurant owner is speaking out after he says Yelp manipulated restaurant reviews after he declined to buy ads.
Study: Exposure To Bad News Before Work May Lead To Unhappiness Throughout DayExposure to bad or negative news before going to work may contribute to unhappiness throughout the day, according to a new study.
New Tool Shows There's No County In America Where Minimum Wage Can Support A Family
Study: Workplace Stress As Harmful As Secondhand SmokeStress in the workplace may be just as bad for you as secondhand smoke, according to a new study.
New Hampshire Recalls Bartender Guide For Sexually Explicit Cocktail ListThe guide included inappropriate cocktail names like: “busted rubber,” “gang banger,” stripper mom,” and “panty dropper.”