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Study: Men Eating Processed Meats Could Have Fertility Affected

A new study finds that men involved in fertility treatment who ate a lot of processed meats had lower success of fertilizing a women’s egg, according to HealthDay.


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110-Year-Old Woman Credits Miller High Life, Whiskey For Living Long Life

A 110-year-old woman credits Miller High Life and whiskey for living a long life.


Keene, New Hampshire

Man Named Huckleberry Finn Arrested In New Hampshire

Police in Keene, New Hampshire say Finn sexually assaulted a woman after following her into her home.



Study: Hamsters More Positive When They Have Hammocks

A study was actually done that revealed hamsters are more optimistic when they’re in a hammock.


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Fisherman Catches ‘One In Several Million’ Bright Orange Lobster

A fisherman caught a “one in several million” orange lobster.


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560-Pound Man Biking Across US To Lose Weight

A 560-pound man is riding a bicycle across the United States in an effort to drop hundreds of pounds.


Loch Ness Monster

Expert: Loch Ness Monster ‘Most Likely’ 880-Pound Catfish

Is the Loch Ness monster really just a catfish? That’s what one expert says.



Study: Funeral Directors More Likely To Develop Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Researchers found funeral directors who are exposed to the formaldehyde found in embalming fluid were three times more likely to develop ALS as those not exposed to the chemical.


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Few Clues About Mysterious Rhode Island Beach Blast

Scientists don’t know what caused the explosion that caused Kathleen Danise, 60, of Waturbury, to be thrown from her beach chair at Salty Brine beach in Narragansett.