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A ladybug is the official insect of New Hampshire. (credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Surplus Symbols: How Many State Bugs And Beans Do We Need?

Maine celebrates its Whoopie pies. North Carolinians proudly dance their Shag. In Kansas, even dirt is official: Harney silt loam is the state soil.


File photo of babies in a nursery. (credit: DESHAKALYAN CHOWDHURY/AFP/Getty Images)

Study: Equality Between Sexes At Moment Of Conception, But More Males Survive

Every year, slightly more boy babies than girl babies are born worldwide. But back when sperm meets egg, the two sexes are conceived in equal numbers, a new study suggests.


Boston Police (Scott Eisen.Getty Images)

Boston Policeman In Critical Condition After Shooting

A Boston police officer honored at the WhiteHouse in May for being among the first responders to the shootout with the Boston Marathon bomb suspects is in a medically induced coma after being shot.


Germanwings Crash

Expert: Added Protections Make It Difficult To Neutralize Threat From Someone Inside Cockpit

The added protections can make it difficult — if not impossible — for the crew or passengers to neutralize a threat from someone already inside.


Empty Classroom

New Hampshire Lawmakers Honor Students After Raptor Debacle

Lawmakers on Wednesday passed a resolution formally encouraging student participation in state government even as the legislators were being lampooned nationally for mocking what started as a civics lesson for fourth-graders.