House Democrats Oppose Retirement IncentiveSpeaker calls it a long-term disaster
Democrats Release Deficit-Cutting ProposalsBudget gap projected between $350 million and $370 million
Gun Maker Seeks Adjustments From Bankruptcy Judge
State Unemployment Rate At 5.4%
Health Insurers Merging
Gun Manufacturer Secures Financing
UConn Trustees Approve Budget
Plan To Raise Taxes Approved By Finance Committee
State's Personal Income Failed To Keep PaceWith unemployment still relatively high and job losses in prized industries weighing on Connecticut's economy, personal income for state residents failed to increase as much last year as it did in most other states, according to federal statistics released Wednesday.
State Deficit Forecast
State Tax System Under ScrutinyA panel of accountants, former state legislators and experts in tax law, economics and finances has taken on the daunting task of reviewing Connecticut's tax structure to come up with ways to modernize the system with an eye toward making it more fair, equitable and stable.
Hearing Planned On Connecticut Retirement ConceptThe Connecticut Retirement Security Board is planning to hear from residents about a proposed public retirement plan for private sector workers.
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