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The Insanities Of Modern Life

First, let me offer a public service announcement. Going through the mail over the weekend, I came across as postcard from the DMV, not unlike the ones I receive from companies reminding me to have […]


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Parody Is Officially Dead

Parody is officially dead. Parody is defined by Merriam Webster as taking a particular premise and taking it to it’s most ridiculous point. It’s supposed to be funny because it’s exaggeration to insanity.


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It’s 5 O’clock Everywhere?

I would imagine that Hillary Clinton’s favorite phase “it takes a village…” would be greeted with a blank stare in Morocco. In fact, I’ve searched for years and have yet to find the catchphrase’s origins.


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All To Get A Headline

One of the top topics over the past few weeks in TMZ/ESPN world has been the NFL’s reaction to the actions of the Baltimore Raven’s Ray Rice… This will not be the last we’ll hear about this story.


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ADHD Friday

Welcome to ADHD Friday! In other words, some tasty links for your entertainment.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Stop The Hatin’ All The Time

A message to the Republican House from the President of the United States: “Stop hatin’ all the time” Yesterday speaking before a backdrop consisting of carefully- selected human props in Kansas City, Barack Obama let […]



Please Send Money

This will short and painless today. I’m on the email list for the Democratic party and for the past few days, the fundraising hook has been devoted to the possibility of impeachment. From what I […]


Fast Food

A Burger Would Be Nice

How many times have you been trying to decide where to buy lunch and said to yourself: “a burger would be nice, but man- if only there were a fast-food place where I could get a faux chicken sandwich with shishito pepper relish, romaine lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli on a fresh whole-grain bun”?


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My Summer Reading List & More

Last night, after spending the day on the front porch enjoying the warm breeze and two John Grisham books, I downed a glass or two of Cherry Diet Pepsi around 8. Diet Pepsi contains caffeine, which makes sleep difficult. So a couple of links are all I can share this am.



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