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The Philosophy Of Politics

Someone once described the philosophy of politics thusly: Conservatives want to control sex. Liberals want to control everything else. Which may explain why the older one gets, the less liberal one becomes.


A Fox Lane High School English teacher who allegedly exchanged online messages with a “medium” about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting has filed a suit against the district for firing him following an FBI and police investigation into his mental health. (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Sandy Hook Commission: The Problem With Lanza, He Was Homeschooled

A brief post today. I have to get Byron (one of my three dogs) to the kennel today.  He’ll be flown tomorrow to one of my sons in the Land Of The Big Sky: Kansas.  […]


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It’s Friday…..

It’s Friday, and I’m feeling sorta “linky”, where I show you around the web. First, a “feel good” piece on Ebola. (Trigger warning: you may get depressed, so click at your own risk) Remember the […]


(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Sport)

One More Word You Might Not Be Able To Say On TV Or Radio….

Were George Carlin alive today, he’d need to rework one of his classic bits; the seven words you can’t say on television (and you can’t post them on a CBS website, either). I’m sure you […]


(File: Scott Olson/Getty Images News)

Talk About Mixed Signals

Recently, in reaction to sexual assaults on campus, Colleges and University administrators have outlined standards for students when it comes to..well..you know.


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The Answer: People Chow

Several years ago the First Lady, in an effort to combat childhood obesity, introduced the “Let’s Move” campaign. Sensibly, part of the plan was to encourage kids to increase their level of physical activity.


(From L) Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck,

Good Times!

For many kids, Saturday morning was a time to grab a bowl of cereal, or a pop tart, and plunk down in front of the TV.  Saturday mornings were cartoon time. From the playful antics […]


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The Magic Of Government

We were told that the U.S. healthcare system was unwieldy, and that a major reorganization was essential to its, and our, very survival. And so after the ACA was passed in 2010, we finally got […]


American Flag (WTIC's Steve Saunders)

Sing Along: “This Land is Your Land. This Land Is My Land”….

The Malloy campaign, along with state Democrats, are accusing Tom Foley of a “cut and paste” job after examining (or not) his urban agenda. They claim most of his initiatives are simply a rehash of […]



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