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Things Are Tough All Over

Things are tough all over. The workforce participation rate is close to lows set in the 70’s, and those who do make their way back to work often that the pay rates and hours worked […]


Hillary Clinton Speaks At The University Of Miami


Interesting. It seems a number of MSM newsrooms are beginning to notice something not quite right about HRH Hillary’s run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. First this, from the New York Times, no […]


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It’s Monday

Yay! Occupy Wall Street is back! So you have a degree, or even several degrees, or perhaps an M.A. and can’t find a job? Maybe your prospective employer questions the value of your degree from […]


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Some News And Opinion

Some news and opinion from the college campus. First, this from a law professor at the University of Colorado, which my daughter Kate attended for two years, and our savings helped fund. Professor Campos is […]


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An Experiment

Next time you head to Mystic, try a physics experiment. Take Route 2 to 395 South, take the exit to Route 32 South, past Conn. College and the Coast Guard Academy, and take the on-ramp […]