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When Worlds Collide

When worlds collide. The New York Post reports this morning on a new film by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas featuring an interview with the Assistant Dean of Students at Cornell University.  Joseph Scaffido is […]


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Is Sending Your Daughter To College Child Abuse?

Is sending your son or daughter to college child abuse? Increasingly, the answer might be “Yes”. Allow me to share some links: Let’s begin here. And we continue. Moving on, here’s the latest from the […]


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Everything I Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Let’s play word association. When I say “Hillary”, you say….? Naturally, you said “Fun!” You didn’t? Obviously, you haven’t heard about this marvelous idea from a speech given earlier this week. Obviously, the former Secretary […]


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Everything Ray: Yard Goats?

Really? Yesterday, the name of the new AA franchise was revealed, chosen from a reported 6,000 entries. The name, submitted by Anthony Castora was inspired by his father-in-laws memories of Hartford’s railroading history, though I […]



The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

So you walk into Starbucks, eagerly anticipating a grande, step to the counter, and before you can order, the Barista starts a conversation about…