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It’s Social Justice, You See

During the Vietnam War, college students across the country were invited to participate in a “student strike”. Instead of attending class, participants would take part in protest marches, and “workshops” to discuss the injustices being […]


Top Christmas Presents For 2013 Revealed

Before You Shop For That Child On Your List

Maybe 10 years ago (it could be more- time flies) my youngest son Pete wanted some toy soldiers. You know, the green plastic figures that have been a favorite of young boys for decades I […]


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OK, Now It’s Getting Ridiculous

In protest of the recent deaths of two black males at the hands of the police, “die-ins” are being held across the country in protest.


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I Hope He Speaks Slowly And Doesn’t Use Hard Words

Since Jonathan Gruber, super genius, is scheduled to testify before a Congressional committee today, here are some new developments as Obamacare continues to be better and better.


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The 2015 Color Of The Year & More Important Items

As Western civilization becomes more permissive, the young must go the extra mile to rebel.



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