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Two Items For This Tuesday

Forget the false claim that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change (oh wait! This week, it’s global warming) is both real and anthropogenic. No, ex-DEP head and present boss of the EPA, one […]


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Give It Up Grandma

Give it up, Grandma. The most boring and tiresome candidates ever for President has found her winning promise for 2016. Illegal immigration (BTW currently 1 out of 5 El Salvadorans now lives in the U.S.), […]


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It’s Hard To Distinguish Parody From Reality

Earlier this week, I linked to an article in New York Magazine in with the author revealed that in letting his wife have sex with other men affirmed his feminist cred. Here’s a link in […]


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Good News, Bad News

Good news, bad news to begin today. First the good news! Now the bad news. So there’s that. And now, a several items of interest. First, it would appear that some people think way too […]


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OK…I Admit, I’m Cynical

I’ll admit that I’m pretty cynical when it comes to government. But I have an excuse. THEY MADE ME THAT WAY! HUD wants to double down on their success with the Community Reinvestment Act which […]