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Childhood's End
Enough About ClownsEnough about clowns already! After all, there is an election coming up a mere weeks, and in an effort to create more support amongst Millennials (who at best are rather lukewarm in their enthusiasm for Hillary!) the campaign has decided to bring in the heavy guns to pump up the volume.
TerrorTerror. It’s everywhere. As we discussed here yesterday, the latest terror comes from clowns. Isis? Meh. Putin?
You Better Watch OutReports of “Killer Clowns” are all over the web lately. The stories tell of (mostly- if not exclusively) children who report being invited by mysterious Paglicaccis to join them in the woods, often offering cash. To this point there have been no confirmed reports of such events actually taking place, but it does make for a great story with which lead the 11 O’clock news.
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She Did It Her Way
Mayor Stephanie Rawlins-Blake
It's Too Hot , So...
Are the Media Types in the Bag for Hillary, Or What?!?

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