You Win Some, You Lose Some
No More Pets?
Primary Day
New Week, Same 'Ol Stuff
The Ivy League
Wednesday Thoughts
It's A CultEnvironmentalism is nothing more than a religion, with its major tenets re-tuned to reflect contemporary beliefs.
Somehow I Missed 'Equal Pay Day'Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton certainly didn’t.
Friday StuffLast night was the finale for American Idol. Though I’d stopped watching several seasons ago, it was comforting to know it was still around, in case I might someday choose to tune in again.
True or False?As I mentioned last week, the line between actual news and parody is becoming blurred.
I Got Taken
Could Yale Move?When Florida’s Governor Rick Scott suggested that Yale University contemplate re-locating south to the Sunshine State, Senator Looney-- in a manner reminiscent of his dismissal of GE’s threat to leave Fairfield-- ridiculed the prospect of such a move. Should he though?

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