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Let me be clear, to use a phrase used frequently by a prominent political figure, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is not, I repeat, not Islamic.


Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves

It Was Real

I’m glad I don’t run a cable TV network. After all, it’s hard to find “product” to fill the hours, days, months and years. Sure, there are always Cops, Parking Wars, Queer Eye for The […]


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Here We Go Again

Here we go again. The smart (and mostly rich) guys keep warning the little people about the impending disaster that awaits us in the future. Wanna guess what will bring about that disaster? Global warming, […]


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Class Report: What I Did Over the Weekend

Class Report: What I did over the weekend.


Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

New Standards

I doubt if you heard this from Brian Williams on the Nightly News, but it seems the polar ice cap has expanded in both coverage and thickness in the past two years.



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