(CBS Connecticut) — New enrolments to Connecticut’s HUSKY-B Childrens Health Insurance Program will be cut off as of tomorrow, as the state prepares for the possible shutdown of the program at the end of January.

Department spokesman David Dearborn says federal funding expired at the end of September, and so far, Congress has not acted to resume funding.

“If the funding does dry up, we will be looking at children’s eligibility files and seeing if they might be eligible for part of Medicaid for some reason,” Dearborn said. “Perhaps their family income changed, or household size changed and we don’t know about it. We might be able to help in that way.”

The HUSKY-B program provides health coverage to 17,000 children and teenagers in low-income families. Another program called HUSKY-A provides Medicaid coverage for even lower-income families.

Information for families is available on the Department of Social Services web site.


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